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Ain Dubai: Reviving the Skyline Gem

The Ain Dubai, a marvel of engineering, ceased its rotations unexpectedly a few months post-inauguration. Our Perceptioneers delved into the causative factors behind the closure, exploring potential solutions to breathe life back into this iconic Ferris wheel, aiming to restore its status as a skyline gem of Dubai.

Awakening: Ticket sales and Promotion

Awakening, a blend of visuals and music at Wynn Las Vegas, didn't hit the mark even after some changes were made. Our team jumped in to figure out how to boost ticket sales, coming up with fresh promotion and selling ideas to get more people excited and make the show a big name on the Strip and beyond.

Tomorrow's Toys

Stepping into the year 2100, our Perceptioneers started a fun search to find toys that will catch the eye of both the young and the young-at-heart. This exciting project, initially born from a theme park attraction idea, we liked it so much we decided to make it a standalone adventure, showing how toys can evolve to be more interactive, educational, and inspiring, aiming to bring a fresh wave of playfulness and curiosity across all ages.

Sphere: Harmonizing Sensory Experiences

The Sphere at Las Vegas, a modern marvel, received unexpected feedback of overstimulation and dizziness from some visitors. Our Perceptioneers delved into different approaches to find possible solutions to improve guest comfort, while keeping the jaw-dropping atmosphere that makes the Sphere stand out, aiming to ensure it remains a must-see attraction in Las Vegas.

Construction Tech - Dubai

Many big projects in Dubai are stuck due to technological limitations. Our Perceptioneers went beyond today's limits by looking into the future to find new tech and building methods that could get the stalled projects moving again, aiming to turn the dreamed-of architectural wonders into reality.

Re-Imagining a Classic Attraction

The Carrousel of Progress at Walt Disney World, a charming but old attraction, needs a new touch. Our Perceptioneers dived into a creative burst to redo the experience for today's visitors, aiming to keep the spirit of this classic ride alive for many more to enjoy across generations.

SpaceX: Charting the Uncharted

SpaceX, with its big dream of zooming between stars, might bump into surprises along the way. Our Perceptioneers got busy, digging for any roadblocks SpaceX might face on this wild ride, aiming to sketch out a path that could dodge the unknown, making sure the space dreams don’t just stay as dreams. (Release Date: November 26, 2023)

The Museum Of The Future

Taking a step into new territory, we conceptualized a top-notch museum full of fun, buzz, and hands-on action. By linking the old with the new, we cooked up a captivating story and space layout that pumps fresh energy into the usual museum visit, aiming to make every trip a lively journey through time and imagination.
(Release Date: November 29, 2023)

Redefining Nightlife in Vegas

The quest for the ultimate nightclub design led us to envision a venue that transcends the typical nightlife experience in Las Vegas. Our conceptualization aimed to craft a space that fuses avant-garde technology with timeless entertainment elements, setting the stage for a nightlife destination poised to reign supreme for decades to come.
(Release Date: December 3, 2023)

New casino concept

The charm of the casino is all about the chance of luck and excitement. We set off on a trip across different timelines to grab ideas for a casino design that ties the old with the new, crafting an eye-catching space that offers a top-notch gaming and fun experience, aiming to blend the rush of the gamble with a peek into the future.

Future Attractions

The years 2050-2100 hold promise for some mind-blowing attractions. Our Perceptioneers jumped onto this time-travel adventure, getting a taste of the future fun first hand. Picking the top five from different timelines, from all around the world, this project sketches a lively picture of how the rush and joy will shape up in the theme parks of tomorrow, aiming to give a glimpse into a future filled with laughter and screams of delight.

Re-visiting history

History, a big mix of events and stories, often has lessons tucked away in the folds of time. Our dive into looking back at historic events aims to pull out new insights by seeing the past with fresh eyes, working to build a deeper understanding and respect for the big moments that have made our today what it is, aiming to bridge the then and now with a trail of thought-provoking discoveries.


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